6 Reasons Why Modular Construction is the Future of Construction ?

6 Reasons Why Modular Construction is the Future of Construction ?

Why blogging again on this “thousand times already treated” topic ? Because we can’t avoid it. No, seriously, because among those 6 reasons, only one is crucial: cost.

Let’s start with the End… After several months screening all the modular construction’s knowledge on the market, and before resuming you all the pros (and even some cons), linking by the way several blogs and articles on each possible argument, old or recent analysis or comments here and there, let me start with the end: The Main Reason. Technology is making better quality and affordable materials, knowledge and experience are transforming processes to shorter and easier, bringing down prices of the most designed, customizable, high quality modular solution for houses, offices, schools, hospitals. Means that modular construction will be more and more popular because it is starting to be consistently cheaper than an equivalent traditional construction solution. Cost make the difference more than fastness, sustainability or others arguments detailed bellow.

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Modular student housing in France

Modular student housing in France


  1. Meet stringent French norms and regulations (Fire, thermal, acoustic, electrical, handicap etc.).
  2. Source compliant products.
  3. Manufacture and export with very tight schedule.
  4. High quality, trendy and durable low maintenance finishes.

The solution:

Design and Prototype: Worked hand in hand with a French client to develop modular student housing. Through various iterations of full scale 40 foot HC custom prototypes (5 prototypes over 3 years), a cost effective and turnkey module was developed that meets all French codes and norms. Each module is a completely custom built container like structure with specific reinforcements, yet stays within a 40′ HC container dimensions to ensure cost effective shipping around the world.

Testing and procurement:

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Geodesic Domes for Glamping

guadix geo domes xcube copie

We were asked to produce 250 domes in 45 days on a specific budget. Assembly time for one glamping (glamorous camping) pod had to be less than 1 hour.  Our client in the event industry wanted to set up a high end temporary retreat in the Spanish mountains, where his guests could see the stars through a transparent skylight while lying in bed. Rising up to the challenge, we supplied the complete domes, as well as several of the interior fittings/decoration to complete the high end glamping experience. With this project XCUBE has become China’s largest Geodesic Dome manufacturer.

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China built the tallest prefab modular building in 3 weeks

china fastest prefab building.jpg

China is today the most dynamic construction market, in either traditional and modular construction. The last erected Shanghai Tower in Pudong Shanghai is an impressive footprint of this dynamism.

In this field, China faces several challenges: the urgent need of a quicker, cheaper, and more sustainable constructions methods (Sustainability and quality are the cornerstones of the new National Urbanization Plan) to provide accommodation solutions for its ongoing huge urbanization (100 million rural residents are expected to move to China’s cities over the next decade).

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4 Reasons Why this Modular Construction Blog will be Different

pink different container light

We finally decided to step in, writing and sharing our experiences, insights and beliefs on modular and prefab construction, through a blog.

We have been busy these last 5 years making our way in this field by creating a company, developing products, hiring inspiring people and working on amazing projects. We learnt a lot and we are still learning.

Today, we want to share and exchange with the modular construction community and lovers out there. We believe, as you do, that modular construction will shape this century.

Why our approach will be different?

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