4 Reasons Why this Modular Construction Blog will be Different

pink different container light

We finally decided to step in, writing and sharing our experiences, insights and beliefs on modular and prefab construction, through a blog.

We have been busy these last 5 years making our way in this field by creating a company, developing products, hiring inspiring people and working on amazing projects. We learnt a lot and we are still learning.

Today, we want to share and exchange with the modular construction community and lovers out there. We believe, as you do, that modular construction will shape this century.

Why our approach will be different?

1- We think, act, breath and do modular everywhere and every time.

We are lucky to work in a field that passionate us. Modularity to the extreme extent can be a state of mind that involves several transverse themes: interaction, social, environmental, economic, time and cost efficiency, design… We are living inside this world.

2- Europeans living and working in China. 

After more than 15 years living and working in Shanghai, the « Asian New York » (I invite you to check this excellent city presentation by the Financial Times), we integrated Chinese culture and advantages in our european thinking and working Matrix. Those same advantages that made China what it becomes today: a pragmatic superpower.

3- High quality and beautiful design can be very affordable.

Who says high ended good quality products at a competitive cost is difficult to manufacture ? Our experience prove the opposite.

4- We learnt a lot dealing and working with people all around the world.

Working from Shanghai gave us the opportunity to deal with people and project all around the world, in 5 continents. You would be surprised to hear how each part of the world conceives modular and prefabrication.

In this blog we will share our vision and insights on the this industry, knowledge and experience, news and trends, and some infos and day to day challenges that we face in our adventure.

Challenge our ideas, we are here to exchange and connect, because at the end of the road, that’s what matters the most.


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