Geodesic Domes for Glamping

guadix geo domes xcube copie

We were asked to produce 250 domes in 45 days on a specific budget. Assembly time for one glamping (glamorous camping) pod had to be less than 1 hour.  Our client in the event industry wanted to set up a high end temporary retreat in the Spanish mountains, where his guests could see the stars through a transparent skylight while lying in bed. Rising up to the challenge, we supplied the complete domes, as well as several of the interior fittings/decoration to complete the high end glamping experience. With this project XCUBE has become China’s largest Geodesic Dome manufacturer.

Building on our experience in supplying high end insulated Geodesic Domes, we developed a cost effective 5 meter diameter Geodesic dome, that was successfully manufactured in a record time. We designed and added a tunnel entrance to the standard Geodesic Dome shape, to give the user the feeling of entering a spaceship through a chamber. Using high quality materials, these Domes were meant to last much longer than the 3 weeks of their initial deployment in Spain. They used a portable AC unit to regulate temperature and airflow.

After the event, geo domes were available for resale. We received requests up the 4 times the 250 available domes! This adventure led us to have a wide connexion and interesting exchanges with geo domes users and glamping lovers. We decided to use all this knowledge and go further by offering a high end, with fit outs, cost efficient solution. It will be ready soon.

guadix geo domes xcube 2 copieguadix geo domes xcube 1 copie


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